Oct 012017

TNC 2017 Photo CompFor the third year in a row, I’m pleased to announce that I am Ambassador for ‘The Nature Conservancy Australia Photo Competition’, as well as a judge for the wildlife section.

The great news is that the 2018 competition is now open and there are over $7,500 of prizes. You can enter HERE

Time to get out there with your cameras and start shooting!

Below are a couple of tips to help your chances in doing well in the competition:

  1. Don’t copy last year’s winners. Judges such as myself are looking for new, fresh images, not copies of previous winners.
  2. Try taking the same shot but from different angles. Zoom in, zoom out, shoot in portrait format, then in landscape format. One of the shots will generally be the one that ‘works’, so enter that shot.
  3. Put in lots of entries! The more you enter, the more chances you have of winning. Try entering into different categories, too.
  4. Make sure you read the rules! So often, great images are disqualified simply due to photographers entering images that are invalid.