Oct 172010

I am one of the past participants of Michael’s Photography Workshops and had great learning experience with them in a few classes. Recently, I enjoyed a full day “One-on-One with Michael” photography tuition at the Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens.

I have been taking photos as a hobby for a few years, self-taught by reading photography books and magazines along the way; but learning and practicing with Michael really made understanding photography theories and techniques a lot easier.

The day was well structured and tailored to solely focus on the area of my interests in photography. Michael’s instructions were clear and easy to understand. Many of my unsure questions were detailed answered in plain English with opportunities to test out and practice on the spot. Michael is such a genuine and passionate photographer who shared his photography experience and techniques with no reservation. I certainly learnt a lot of new things. The day finished with a very beneficial opportunity of discussing some sample photos that I took over the years. It is very fortunate to listen to valuable professional opinions on how I am progressing in photography, which encourages me to keep on pursuing and practicing further.

No matter what level of photography you are on, for those who enjoy taking photos and want to improve skills and techniques, I highly recommend both “One-on-One with Michael” photography tuition and Photography Workshops.

Thank you for a great day, Michael!
Jeff Zhang – Toowong – Queensland