Oct 152010

Due to the success of the special offer for my “One-on-One with Michael” photography tuition, I have decided to continue with a discounted price for bookings of two people. The discount will apply, per person, when booking either a half day or full day tuition session at various locations in Brisbane (and other locations upon request). So why not join together with a friend, relative or another photographer and make a booking? For further details, please click here

Each year, Australian Geographic release a Desk Diary that features the photos of 5 professional nature photographers. For the 2011 edition, I’m one of the 5 featured photographers, so hop into an Australian Geographic store or go online to pick up your copy!

Common wombat juvenile – AG Desk Diary 2011

Common wombat juvenile – AG Desk Diary 2011

Tasman Boobies – Calm before the storm. Nominee at 4th Annual Photography Master's Cup

Tasman Boobies – Calm before the storm.
Nominee at 4th Annual Photography Master’s Cup

I received an email recently, letting me know that I had an image chosen as a nominee in the wildlife category in one of the world’s most prestigious colour photography competitions, the 4th Annual Photography Master’s Cup. My photo was of 2 Tasman Boobies (previously known as Masked Boobies) sitting calmly on a cliff-top at Norfolk Island, waiting for a storm to pass over.

On Sunday 29th of August 2010, Michael’s Photography Workshops will again be featured on Queensland’s highly-rated outdoor lifestyle program, the Great South East. The program is shown throughout Queensland on Channel 7 every Sunday and starts at 5.30pm. The segment is based around our half day “Frog and Reptile Experience” photography workshop. Michael was interviewed for our last segment with the Great South East in January 2008. Martin Bowerman was again the host for our segment. For more details on the Great South East program, please click here