Mar 272013

Aurora Australis captured on camera during Tasmanian Photography Workshop and Tour!

One of the most remarkable experiences of my life occurred right in the middle of a week-long Tasmanian photography workshop and tour (17th of March 2013), that I was presenting with Tasmanian landscape photographer, Luke O’Brien. Luke and I had just finished presenting a sunset shoot at Coles Bay on the Freycinet Coast, in Tasmania, with our participants. Word was out that there was a very strong chance of an Aurora Australis happening that night, (and Luke’s Aurora App was going off) so we all stayed around and waited patiently. Sure enough, as the night wore on, the Aurora started to happen and the euphoria amongst our group was unbelievable! Without doubt, the most amazing landscape photography experience of my 17 years of photography and a night I will NEVER forget….

27th March 2013. View a larger version of Aurora Australis