Oct 152010

In the winter of 1997, I started photographing nature and my first major project was photographing the male Albert’s Lyrebird displaying. I finally succeeded after 7 laborious weeks of sitting daily in a cramped hide (blind) and was only the fourth known photographer to achieve this feat. A few weeks ago, I decided to try and replicate this achievement again, but this time using a digital SLR camera, a higher quality lens and better, state-of-the-art flash units. As with the first time, I arose daily well before dawn, set up my equipment in the dark and sat and waited in my tiny hide, in the cold. After many days of trying over 2 weeks and numerous near-misses and mishaps, I finally succeeded once again in photographing the Albert’s Lyrebird male displaying . The time, effort and frustrations that went into photographing the lyrebird were at times very taxing, but well worth the end result.

Albert's Lyrebird displaying

Albert’s Lyrebird displaying

Two of my feature articles appear in magazines this month. Australian Photography magazine has published my four page article on outdoor photography techniques titled “Improving Outdoors” in their June 2008 issue. Wingspan magazine (Birds Australia) has also published my three page article on Satin Bowerbirds, titled “The Playboy of the Forest”, in their June 2008 issue.

Display Board.  Osprey House, Queensland

Display Board. Osprey House, Queensland

Osprey House Environmental Centre , in Griffin, Queensland has used four of my osprey photos on a large, three metre display board. The four images show a sequence of events, starting with the osprey ready to pounce for a fish and finishing with it flying away with its catch. I visited the centre recently to look at the final product and it certainly looks impressive hanging on their feature wall.