Oct 152010
Norfolk Island - Red-tailed Tropic Bird

Norfolk Island – Red-tailed Tropic Bird

In February, my wife Dena and I travelled to Norfolk Island for 10 days. Some of the time was spent photographing the scenery of the island but emphasis was placed on getting photos of the large array of birds flying around the coastline. On a number of mornings, I was “perched”(pun intended!) on Bird Rock, photographing the various birds flying past me at fantastic speeds – a real challenge indeed. One bird in particular that I concentrated quite a bit of time on was the beautiful Red-tailed Tropic Bird, getting flight shots as well as finding a few nests with chicks in abandoned Mutton Bird nests.

Starting on February 25th, I presented “Binna Burra Photography Week” at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, Lamington National Park, south-east Queensland. This is my fifth time presenting this nature photography course at Binna Burra and each one has been a great experience for all. Topics covered included wildlife, landscape and macro photography techniques, correct settings for different situations, lighting, digital technology as well as reviewing and critiquing participant’s photos.