Oct 172010

Michael, just a note of thanks following our recent camera familiarisation session. I found the session both interesting and informative and the one-on-one basis is certainly the way to go. Aperture Priority, ISO, Exposure Compensation are now more than just technical terms to me and I am experimenting daily with different settings trying to master them. The superglue has been applied to the AF setting so I can’t return it to full automatic. Highly recommend your session as value for money.

Tony Wehlow – New Farm – Queensland

Oct 172010

I recently had a one on one tutorial with Michael at the Mt Cootha Botanical gardens.  The day was an invaluable learning experience. I learnt so much about my camera from basic camera settings to exposure compensation, aperture settings and bracketing.  I now feel more confident and excited about getting out and taking more photos.  I highly recommend to all keen photographers a half or full day one on one tutorial.

Kate Mullens – Thornlands – Queensland

Oct 172010

I have been to a number of photography workshops and find them both informative and enjoyable. However I thought I needed a little bit more to improve my photography and take it to a higher level. When I heard Michael was giving one-on-one tuition, I jumped at the chance. The patience, information, instruction and advice that Michael gives is fantastic. From the very basic of preparing for a shoot, to setting up your camera, to more advanced settings, composition, plus much more, Michael explains them all very clearly.

I, like a number of others, have read several books, watched DVD’s, etc, but none of these can compete with one -n-one tuition. I learnt more in one day with Michael than all the books and DVD’s combined.

For anyone that enjoys photography and wants to improve their skills I thoroughly recommend one-on-one tuition with Michael – you will not be sorry.

Graham Taylor – Victoria Point – Queensland

Oct 172010

Michael Snedic is a passionate professional photographer who works hard to capture the essence of what his eyes and heart tell him about what he sees. I attended a photography session with Michael and Mark at O’Reilly’s Guesthouse at Lamington National Park previously.

I asked Michael if he would spend ½ day with me in a one on one session so I could learn from his experience, knowledge and techniques to sharpen my skills.

Photography has been a hobby of mine for many years, especially when I travel, and I responded well to Michael’s friendly teaching and coaching. We went through all the functions of my DSLR together, photographed birds, (my request) and discussed the equipment that can help to provide better results.

We ended off a great time together by analysing some of my photographs, and Michael provided good strong feedback to improve my results.

I’d highly recommend a one on one session with Michael for anyone who wants to improve his or her photographic skills.

Russell Simpson
Member of Brisbane Camera Group – Windsor

Oct 172010

My morning spent doing a one-on-one session with Michael was really worthwhile and enjoyable.  I was able to consolidate my existing knowledge and expand from that base, with the time spent totally on the areas I needed help with.  My confidence has really improved and I feel that my photography will only get better from here.  Don’t think about it – just book a session!

Julie Martin – Eatons Hill – Queensland

Oct 172010

Hi, Michael,

In just one day you help me solve so many problems i have had with my photography being macro and landscape.

Your one on one tuition helped me understand and take full control of my camera. Your knowledge of composing a photo scene has really inspired me. I will certainly looking forward to seeing you again, many thanks.

Peter Coleman – Burperngary – Queensland

Oct 172010

The one-on-one tuition day I did with Michael at Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens was a good way to get to know my camera and become more confident in taking wildlife and macro photographs. We covered a wide range of topics from basic camera settings to final editing. I can personally recommend this course to anyone who wants get the best from their camera. Michael is an excellent tutor and goes out of his way to make the day both interesting and enjoyable.

Ian Ferguson – Buderim – Queensland

Oct 172010

As a keen photographer I have attended many different workshops in great locations, but when Michael told me about his One-on-One tuition I signed up on the spot, without hesitation. Michael is an outstanding photographer and an easy-going, patient and generous teacher – a rare combination. He is passionate about photography and is totally dedicated to passing on his knowledge, skills and expertise. I was not disappointed with the day – it was a great success and so very rewarding. All of my questions were answered in detail and I learnt new skills and techniques that I have never tried before. Thank you Michael for taking my photography to a higher level and giving me the encouragement and a renewed confidence in my images. To anyone who wants to improve their photos and skills or be challenged, jump in and expect the best – that is what you get. Highly recommended.

Pamela Handyside, Captains Flat NSW

Oct 172010

Thank you Michael for the one on one workshop. The advice was enormously helpful and you simplified things for me. I can now use my new camera with confidence.

Kind regards
Vivienne Johnson – Pomona – Queensland

Oct 172010

I am one of the past participants of Michael’s Photography Workshops and had great learning experience with them in a few classes. Recently, I enjoyed a full day “One-on-One with Michael” photography tuition at the Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens.

I have been taking photos as a hobby for a few years, self-taught by reading photography books and magazines along the way; but learning and practicing with Michael really made understanding photography theories and techniques a lot easier.

The day was well structured and tailored to solely focus on the area of my interests in photography. Michael’s instructions were clear and easy to understand. Many of my unsure questions were detailed answered in plain English with opportunities to test out and practice on the spot. Michael is such a genuine and passionate photographer who shared his photography experience and techniques with no reservation. I certainly learnt a lot of new things. The day finished with a very beneficial opportunity of discussing some sample photos that I took over the years. It is very fortunate to listen to valuable professional opinions on how I am progressing in photography, which encourages me to keep on pursuing and practicing further.

No matter what level of photography you are on, for those who enjoy taking photos and want to improve skills and techniques, I highly recommend both “One-on-One with Michael” photography tuition and Photography Workshops.

Thank you for a great day, Michael!
Jeff Zhang – Toowong – Queensland

Oct 172010

Hello Michael,

May I take a brief moment and say how much I benefited from your time with me recently. I have been dabbling in photography for a few years and was beginning to get frustrated with my inability to “get a decent print”. Starting with camera controls and moving on to advanced aspects has been very helpful. It may seem a simple thing but often “what that button/setting does” is overlooked/forgotten. Your enthusiasm for photography coupled with your effervescent attitude inspires one to push on and discover more. Thanks again.

John Stille – Beaudesert – Queensland

Oct 172010

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed our one-on-one session at Mt Cootha. You have no idea how grateful I am for your excellent care you took to make sure things run smoothly before our actual meeting. Your customer care and professionalism is exemplary. In addition I particularly enjoyed your hints about bits and pieces of photo gear (diffusers, for example) that are invaluable in achieving good results. Your photo critique was another invaluable lesson alone worth the fee.

To all those who consider booking you for a one-to-one: don’t think, just do it!

Chris Nowak – Brisbane – Queensland