Oct 152010

Early Dec 2007 saw the release of a new wildlife book titled “Australian Journey – Wildlife”, of which I am co-author with two other professional nature photographers, Andrew Teakle and Debra Doenges. This book is primarily a coffee table-style book, showcasing Australia’s unique and beautiful wildlife. The book is in hardcover, 128 pages and published by New Holland. It is one part of a four-part nature and landscape series, titled “Australian Journey” and is available in many bookshops throughout Australia.

The Queensland Wildlife Artist’s Society Incorporated (QWASI) chose me as their featured nature photographer for their biennial “International Wildlife” exhibition. This exhibition was held at the Logan Art Gallery from the 26th of November 2007 until the 5th of January 2008. I displayed six of my favourite wildlife photos, alongside the works of some of Australia’s best wildlife artists.

In the second week of December, I travelled to Bundjalung National Park in northern New South Wales with my friend Andrew Teakle, co-author of “Australian Journey – Wildlife” for three days of photography. We camped right near the beach and arose before sunrise each morning, in readiness for some landscape photography at Black Rocks and surrounding areas. This area is stunningly beautiful and well worth visiting.

I have been asked by Wildlife Australia Magazine to be their regular wildlife photography columnist . My first one was printed in the summer 2007 issue, featuring my photo of an Eastern Pygmy Possum. Each issue focuses on one particular photo and how I went about taking this photo.

The December 2007 issue of Australian Photography magazine published my article on how to photograph Australian mammals, titled “Furry Encounters” as one of their feature articles. It is on page 38 and is the fourth feature I have written for this magazine in the past 2 years.

Coffee Table Book, AUSTRALIAN JOURNEY Wildlife

Coffee Table Book, AUSTRALIAN JOURNEY Wildlife

Michael Snedic – Australian Nature Photographer - Logan Gallery

Michael Snedic – Logan Art Gallery

Black Rocks - New South Wales

Black Rocks – New South Wales

Oct 152010
West–Byron wetlands – Egret

West–Byron wetlands – Egret

In early November, I travelled to Casino in northern New South Wales to spend a couple of days photographing birds at the Jabiru Geneebeinga wetlands. I also travelled to Byron Bay for a day and photographed birds at the West-Byron wetlands. At both locations I did most of my photography either early in the morning or late afternoon, trying to capture the subtle light.

On November 12th, I did a presentation each at the Photographic Society of Queensland’s Annual Barbecue. Mark did an audiovisual presentation on macro photography techniques while mine was on wildlife photography techniques.

Mid-November also saw Mark Rayner and I conduct our first weekend photographic workshop at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat/Lamington National Park in south-east Queensland. The weekend went extremely well and was deemed a success by all those who attended.

On November 24th, I presented a one-day nature photography workshop for members of the public, hosted by the Pine Rivers Shire Council. It was held at Mt Glorious in Brisbane, right in the heart of the rainforest and was attended by some very enthusiastic participants.

Oct 152010

The results of the ANZANG Nature and Landscape “Photographer of the Year Competition”2007 have been released and I’m pleased to announce that I won two highly commended awards. The first was in the “Animal Behaviour” section with my photo of a Pacific Baza with chick, bringing a stick to the nest. The second award was in the “Threatened Animals and Plants” section with a photo of a Northern Quoll. The competition this year had 1250 entries, a record for this competition thus far.

Michael’s Photography Workshops was featured on the Great South East, a popular Channel 7 lifestyle program. It was aired on Sunday 23rd of September, at 5.30pm. The program is shown throughout Queensland and featured a segment that revolved around our nature photography workshops.

Channel 7 - Great South East, Sunday at 5.30pm

Channel 7 – Great South East, Sunday at 5.30pm

ANZANG Nature and Landscape 'Photographer of the Year Competition 2007' - Pacific Baza

ANZANG 2007 – Pacific Baza

ANZANG Nature and Landscape 'Photographer of the Year Competition 2007' - Northern Quoll

ANZANG 2007 – Northern Quoll

Oct 152010
Far North Queensland - Brahminy Kite

Far North Queensland – Brahminy Kite

After my successful trip to Far North Queensland in July, I again had an opportunity to return there, to work on a couple of new projects. I took photos in Mossman Gorge as well as returning to the Daintree River and Port Douglas mangroves. Some of my wildlife subjects included Ospreys, Brahminy Kites and Saltwater Crocodiles, as well as various landscapes. It certainly is a beautiful part of the world and I look forward to returning there sometime in the future.

Oct 152010

In July, I spent 6 glorious days photographing the wildlife and landscapes of Far North Queensland . Most of my time was divided between photographing in the Daintree rainforest, on a boat on the Daintree River and cruising the mangroves of Port Douglas inlet. While I was there, the Weekend Australian Magazine commissioned me to do a shoot for an up-and-coming feature on Rainforest Rescue and their Daintree “Buy Back and Protect Forever”Project. www.rainforestrescue.org.au

Far North Queensland - Daintree rainforest

Far North Queensland – Daintree rainforest

Oct 152010
Australian Photography Magazine cover – Magnificent Tree Frog

Australian Photography cover – June 07

The first full-day nature photography workshop is held at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat in Lamington National Park, south-east Queensland on the 16th of June, 2007. The day consists of showing participants techniques on wildlife, landscape and macro photography, lots of one-on-one tuition, explaining digital technology as well as some post-processing/computer techniques. Feedback from the day is extremely positive and certainly a great start to our new venture. For more details regarding one and two day photographic workshops, please visit wildnaturephotoexpeditions.com

My article on “Frog and Reptile Photography Techniques”was chosen as the feature article for the June 2007 issue of Australia’s best-selling photography magazine, Australian Photography. This issue also featured my photo of a Magnificent Tree Frog as the cover shot. This is my third feature article for Australian Photography , following an article on “Bird Photography Techniques”(March 2006) and “Alternate Landscape Photography Techniques”(Nov 2006).

Oct 152010

Wildlife Australia Magazineused my photos of various Australian quolls, to accompany an informative article by Martin Fingland for its autumn 2007 issue. My photo of a Northern Quoll was also used on the cover.

Since the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland was founded in 1962, its flagship journal, Wildlife Australia Magazine, has played a pivotal role in encouraging public awareness of vital conservation goals.

Wildlife Australia cover - Northern Quoll

Wildlife Australia cover – Northern Quoll

Oct 152010
Norfolk Island - Red-tailed Tropic Bird

Norfolk Island – Red-tailed Tropic Bird

In February, my wife Dena and I travelled to Norfolk Island for 10 days. Some of the time was spent photographing the scenery of the island but emphasis was placed on getting photos of the large array of birds flying around the coastline. On a number of mornings, I was “perched”(pun intended!) on Bird Rock, photographing the various birds flying past me at fantastic speeds – a real challenge indeed. One bird in particular that I concentrated quite a bit of time on was the beautiful Red-tailed Tropic Bird, getting flight shots as well as finding a few nests with chicks in abandoned Mutton Bird nests.

Starting on February 25th, I presented “Binna Burra Photography Week” at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, Lamington National Park, south-east Queensland. This is my fifth time presenting this nature photography course at Binna Burra and each one has been a great experience for all. Topics covered included wildlife, landscape and macro photography techniques, correct settings for different situations, lighting, digital technology as well as reviewing and critiquing participant’s photos.